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Heinen: 360 degrees of service.

Heinen offers full range 24/7 service. Here's what we'll do when things get rough and to keep them going. Whatever service you choose – be prepared to meet a highly qualified and motivated member of the Heinen team that won't quit work until it's done to your full satisfaction. 


Let us take a closer look.

To keep your pasteurizers, proofers, coolers and freezers working – and business going – it is vital to have them inspected, maintained and all parts replaced, that are subject to wear. Your Heinen team will keep an eye on your facilities.


When things need to get fixed. Fast.

Everybody knows the saying "time is money" – we know how to get your production going as fast as possible. With the best expertise and the right tools. Always keeping in mind that the result should work best for you – and not for our sales.

Spare Parts

What you need when you need it.

Often enough, it's one single part on which everything depends. From the smallest screw to a completely new conveyor belt: Original parts, exactly fitting, we will supply what you need – when you need it.

Remote Service

More than remotely helpful.

The high degree of digitalization of our products makes it possible to solve problems or improve your process right from the desktop of our service technicians. This will save time and lower your costs.

Retrofits & Relocations

Keeping pace with technology.

Times change – and so does technology. To meet the highest standards of food processing, it is often not necessary to buy a whole new system. Improving the existing one will do the job as well. And if it's not the technology that has to be changed, but the location – we're the right partner as well.


How to be ahead with Heinen.

Although a great part of food processing is automated nowadays, one of the most important factors still is the operator. Our service team will show your staff how to get the best result out of the best technology – or how we say: Mastering any degree.

Service Level Agreements

Get in contract with Heinen.

We care about the availability of your system. And you have more time to care about your success. Service level agreements consist of different contract moduls, which can be combined according your needs and requirements. With this constant care, your system will provide best results at all times.

Our passion reaches far
beyond the borders
of our product range.

Why and how we care for non-Heinen products.

Heinen offers 24/7 service.
+49 4451 122 120

For sure, we'd rather see you using our products – but we won't even leave you alone when you face problems with pasteurizers, proofers, coolers or freezers from another company. As we said at the very beginning of this website: We are not thinking in terms of problems, we're thinking in terms of solutions.


Contact Heinen

You still haven’t learned enough on this website? Feel free to contact us.

Heinen offers 24/7 service.
+49 4451 122 120