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All types of packaged or unpackaged foods that you wish to pasteurize, ferment, cool or freeze in a continuous process. Whether it’s the small quantity of raw hamburgers that have to be frozen, the product with the long retention time already packaged in the carton, the hot, ready-to-eat meals that have to be cooled gradually in large numbers without freezing the barrier layer, or the baked rolls, which have to be fermented and cooled first before freezing – we gear ourselves towards your product and your process.

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Baked goods Dough Pizza

Baked goods



Fisch - Fleisch - Geflügel

Fish Meat Poultry




Potato products - fruit/vegetables/mushrooms - ready-to-serve meals and entrees

Potato products fruit/vegetables/mushrooms Ready-to-serve meals and entrees

Potato products

Fruit / vegetables / mushrooms

Ready-to-serve meals and entrees

Ice cream - pasta

Ice cream Pasta

Ice cream





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