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From Anton Heinen to present.
And beyond.

The story of our company begins in 1856. Originally established as an iron foundry by Anton Heinen, when it was known as “Heinens’ Fabrik,” the name Heinen has stood for reliable technology and solid machinery ever since.

Almost 130 years later, Heinen entered a joint venture in 1982 for the manufacturing of spiral freezers. In 1984, we began designing and manufacturing the machines on our own on the company premises in Varel.

Since 2010, the company has operated under the name Heinen Freezing GmbH & Co. KG and meanwhile has left its humble beginnings behind to become the market leader for spiral systems.

Our references.

To earn trust, you have to pay with reliability.

Heinen's who is who.

Mastering any degree means having the right person for each of your questions. Here's where you can meet our Heinen team from management through service to human resources. Different characters with different specialisations and one thing in common: to only be satisfied when the customer is. 

Marion Adebahr head of financial accounting

Steffen Arban head of pre-assembly

Dominik Behnken service / installation coordinator

Andreas Bley project management

Alexey Borodulin area sales manager

Fynn Brunken project management

Nicole Caton-Folte human resources specialist

Christian Cwikla service manager

Markus Decker area sales manager

Ilse Endjer director finance / administration

Mark A. Feyock area sales manager

Jean-Yves Frelon area sales manager

Jens Hardekopf director assembly

Michael Hase area sales manager

Jochen Hottinger managing director

Richard Hubbard area sales manager

Daniel Janssen service manager

Martin Kaduk personnel coordinator

Reiner Kauf area sales manager

Anja Lahrmann purchasing

Marco Lengert project management

Luca Lizzeri area sales manager

Hanyork von Marees project management

Vladyslav Mendryukov area sales manager

Anja Meyer spare part supplier

Lisa Meyer project management

Stefan Moritz automation service

Claus Müller area sales manager

Sven-Marten Müller strategic purchasing manager

Krystijan Otto head of service management

Sabine Pannemann human resources

Gerold Praß service process engineer

Katharina Rathkamp team assistant service

Matthias Richter project management

Maira Rüther marketing

Renke Schlarmann technical director

Kilian Schlegel project management

Katharina Schlöndorf team assistant service

Hauke Scholtalbers purchasing

Neele Schreiber team assistant

Björn Thadewald service manager

Daniel Thiel area sales manager

Michael Wemken project management

Hermann Wenke purchasing

Julian Zacharias service manager international

Heinen. In degrees of latitude and longitude.

We are mastering any degree on a world-wide basis. And here's where you can find our distribution partners and international sales all over the globe. Simply hover over the bullets and get in contact. 

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Kahl Group

Our company is a member of the Amandus Kahl Group in Reinbek, Germany. Amandus Kahl is an owner-run, medium-sized, family business which was established in 1876 as a factory for mills and presses.


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