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Heinen compact®duo

For your start-up in frozen food production or the production of specialty items, we’ve exploited the experience gained from our large-scale industrial plants in the development of this system. A compact solution realized for freezing and cooling in the medium-capacity range with a minimum of available space.

01 Flexible

The compact duo offers flexible belt configurations in three different layouts, rotating clockwise or counter-clockwise and upwards or downwards conveying. The number of tiers and clearance between the tiers can be adapted to the particular product and capacity.

02 Sophisticated

The wall and ceiling panels of the insulating enclosure are lined inside with stainless steel, while the floor consists of a fully seam-welded stainless steel tray with defined drains. The unit can be accessed by means of two stainless steel doors in the insulating enclosure with contact switches and an electrical frame heating.

03 Versatile

The conveyor system can accommodate a variety of different belts. Stainless steel or plastic belts, with open or closed belt surface, with small or large pitches, and with or without side plates. The stainless steel and plastic belts can be retrofitted at a later date.

04 Mobile

The compact duo comes fully assembled on a base frame. The system is ready for use as soon as the media, such as power, refrigerant and water (for models with cleaning system only) have been connected. The base frame allows it to be moved from one location to another quickly and easily.

05 Functional

Equipped with a mini PLC and a graphic multifunctional display, all of the system parameters can be set precisely. Frequency-controlled main and auxiliary drives enable infinitely variable regulation of the belt speed and, thus, the retention times.

06 Efficient

Every compact duo can be defrosted with fan-driven air once the refrigerant has been switched off. Furthermore, the defrosting process can be enhanced and carried out more efficiently by means of hot gas or electrical heat.

07 Modular

The simple belt cleaning system, with a pump unit for increasing pressure generating foam can be progressively upgraded into an extended cleaning system or even further into a fully integrated cleaning system that cleans the entire interior in addition to the belt and the conveyor system.

08 Adaptable

Whether equipped with a loading conveyor for the transfer of form sensitive products onto the already collapsed belt, a horizontal infeed conveyor for safe delivery at the infeed or a discharge conveyor for the downstream system – the arctic adapts perfectly to every layout.

09 Customised

The compact duo can be realized with numerous options, such as the frequency-controlled fans, touchscreen controls, stainless steel base frame or insulating enclosure with stainless steel exterior. Customised according to your wishes and requirements.

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