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Heinen packfrost®

Our largest system – the modular multilevel box freezer for cooling and freezing of goods packaged in cartons or plastic boxes in two system widths with various number of levels and numerous options for high capacities.

01 Modular

Different shelf sizes and a storage system that is variable in terms of the number of stacked levels and the number of shelves in a row allows a modular system design according to the required freezing capacity and number of storage locations as well as the overall dimension.

02 Adaptable

The products can be stored in order or randomly. All levels are freely selectable and can be assigned to products with same retention time. The system can be optimally adapted to reduced production outputs using the block operation mode.

03 Independent

The products are moved on the shelves in a manner that is gentle to the packaging and provides you with considerable freedom in the selection of package sizes and package types. You can therefore simultaneously cool or freeze products in cartons, in trays, or in plastic containers (e.g. E1, E2, or E3) in a single system.

04 Energy-saving

The continuous monitoring of the thermal load in the system enables the intelligent control of the number of active fans, the air speed, and the air volume. When the demand drops, entire air cooling units are switched off and actively defrosted.

05 Functional

The packfrost offers state-of-the-art PLC controls, several remote service and communication options, programming and saving of all product and system parameters plus elaborate visualisation (3D images of the system, overview of products in the system, etc.) on a colour touchscreen.

06 Economical

Air coolers with reduced pressure losses and a flow-optimised cold air circulation ensure economical operation of the system. Active airlocks on every input and output of the system as well as sequential defrosting guarantee continuous operation 365 days a year.

07 Intelligent

The integrated storage location management provides an overview of the number, position, and remaining retention times of the products. Processes such as placing in storage, removing from storage, or both at the same time are pre-programmed and just as easy to call up as the programs for maintaining and diagnosing errors in the system.

08 Reliable

High operational reliability and outstanding system dynamics due to the systematic reduction of all movable parts and due to a drive design that uses ultra-modern servo technology. Integrated incremental encoders enable exact positioning as well as continuous self-checks of the system.

09 Customised

The packfrost can be realised with numerous options, such as frequency-controlled fans, stainless steel insulated floors, or camera inspection systems. We also offer custom logistics systems from processing to sorting and palletising, including laser scanners and check weighers. 

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