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Heinen ambicol®

The "basic-system" – flexible and versatile spiral system for conveying and ambient air cooling with various belt widths and tier pitches, as single or double drum as well as numerous layouts and options for medium and high capacities.

01 Flexible

As single or double tower, upwards or downwards conveying, with four layout options and three system diameters; placed on the factory floor, foundation, or a sub-frame, ambicol.® fulfills nearly all requirements in terms of capacity and integration processing and building.   

02 Safe operation

A circumferential protective grille made of stainless steel with fixings to the ground, including safety guard above the infeed and an access door protected by a safety switch, allows safe operation and easy access possibilities.

03 Energy-saving

The use of modular plastic belts and the design of the electric drive as a direct drive (without chains) reduces the energy consumption.The absence of all air flow elements allows free convection of the heat that escapes from the product and uses the temperature gradient of the surrounding air for cooling, all energy-saving.

04 Reliable

The design focused on industrial multi-shift operation; a controlled belt over drum and frequency-controlled central and overdrive drives; the use of high-quality components, and a reduced number of moving parts ensures maximum reliability.

05 Functional

The ambicol.® offery state-of-the-art PLC controls, several remote service and communication options, programming and saving of all product and system parameters in recipes, plus elaborate visualization (3D images of the system, temperature trends, etc.) on a colour touchscreen.     

06 Hygienic

The spiral system of the ambicol is made of stainless steel, aluminum and plastic materials and is originate from our series used in the meat, fish and poultry sector. This means that the design complies with the highest hygienic regulations.

07 Modular

The basic cleaning system, with a pump unit for increasing pressure and generating foam for cleaning the belt can be progressively upgraded into an extended cleaning system or even further into a fully profesional cleaning system that cleans the drum interior in addition to the belt and the conveyor system.

08 Special

With a comprehensive range of sorting, separation, as well as infeed and discharge technology; oven take overs, spiral gravity chutes or the installation of the system on a platform above the oven, ambicol.® is most suitable for high-quality fresh baked goods.

09 Customised

ambicol.® can be tailored to your needs with numerous options such as insulating enclosure, insulated floor with welded stainless steel tray and defined drains, and ultrasonic or high pressure humidification – custom-designed to meet your needs.

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